Mercedes 280 SL

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170ch (125kW)
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Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda

One of the most recognizable cars of its time. A true pioneer. The perfect embodiment of luxurious refinement: fast, agile and stunningly beautiful.
For the 'Pagoda' 280 SL, it was the combination of sporty elegance and durability that led to its enormous appeal.

The production process, which consisted of a combination of manual and machine processes, was very advanced for its time. The body was made by hand from steel and aluminum. A special lacquer was then applied that was resistant to corrosion and aging. The interior was also innovative and detailed. Sleek and modern, equipped with a wide range of advanced features and technologies. The 280 SL was built to last. A real Mercedes, luxurious, fast and reliable.
This Mercedes Pagoda was restored to a high standard several years ago.
The front wings and all panels on this car are still factory original and have beautiful new paint.
Inside the leather interior was completely renewed and the color combination is beautiful.
The convertible top is dark brown and is also in beautiful condition.

But it doesn't stop with looks! The 280 SL also has substance. A six-cylinder in-line engine was placed as standard under the hood. A special engine designed by Mercedes with impressive power and torque. This also applies to our Mercedes. With a displacement of 2. 8 liters (2, 746 cc) and a power of 185 hp, it is on its way quickly. And it has an engine known for its power and reliability, considered by experts to be indestructible. Furthermore, the engine is equipped with mechanical fuel injection, which improves fuel consumption and emissions. The sophisticated injection system also ensures precise and even fuel delivery, resulting in the car's smooth and responsive handling. The engine's power is transferred to the rear wheels via an automatic gearbox that runs very smoothly.
Technically this car is in new condition.

One of the most important features of the Pagode is its excellent road holding. The car is built on a solid chassis and has independent suspension at the front and rear, providing a very stable and responsive ride. Even on winding roads. It will therefore come as no surprise that our Mercedes Pagode 280 SL drives extremely well. Even after more than 60 years!

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